Independent Intellectual Property Technology


With our R&D material researcher from Japan, France and USA, we have developed a new and novel approach that does not depend on the use of patents held by other magnet companies. The technology allows for the manufacture of sintered neodymium NdFeB magnets that deliver greater performance wiht free or less heavy rare earth material. The process also results in higher production yields.

Our technologies allow our magnet to operate worldwide (such Japan, Europe and USA).

If you need more details information regarding our independent intellectual property technology, versus non-infringement Hitachi patent, do not hesitate to contact us.


Low weight Loss

Under high temperature, high pressure and humidity, the weight loss level of uncoated magnets reflect the corrosion resistance of a bare magnet. After 20 days HAST testing our magnet weight loss is less than 2mg/cm2.

Weight loss rate curve of YSM magnets (testted at 130°C, 95% relative humidity, 2.7 bar in Vapor) :


Comparision of HAST test under the same condition :

YSM magnet                Traditional magnet


YSM can get so high low corrosion level, due to our Low oxygen process which have even higher perfomance than Hitachi to produce ppm grain size, which enhance the anti-corrosion performance and also decrease the rare earth DY content for a same magnetic performance.









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